PETSc 3.7.4 on HPCC

DAMASK is influenced by API changes in PETSc from 3.6.x to 3.7.x. For more details, see . A particular source code of DAMASK will either work with PETSc 3.6.x or 3.7.x, but not both. Therefore, an intermediate solution before the official transition of DAMASK to PETSc 3.7.x is to apply a patch that ensures compatibility with the current version 3.7.x of PETSc.

To switch your version of DAMASK to utilize PETSc 3.7.4 on HPCC, try:

patch -p1 installation/patch/petsc3.7
export PETSC_DIR=/mnt/research/CMM/opt/petsc/3.7.4--Intel-16.3
make clean spectral

This should set your environment on HPCC to use PETSc 3.7.4 with the patched petsc3.7 version of DAMASK. If you want to use PETSc 3.7 by default, make a permanent change of $PETSC_DIR  in your bash profile (done easiest by putting the export command into $HOME/.environment).


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