Research published in JOM

Subsurface Grain Morphology Reconstruction by Differential Aperture X-ray Microscopy

by Philip Eisenlohr, Pratheek Shanthraj, Brendan Vande Kieft, Thomas R. Bieler, Wenjun Liu, and Ruqing Xu


A multistep, non-destructive grain morphology reconstruction methodology that is applicable to near-surface volumes is developed and tested on synthetic grain structures. This approach probes the subsurface crystal orientation using differential aperture x-ray microscopy on a sparse grid across the microstructure volume of interest. Resulting orientation data are clustered according to proximity in physical and orientation space and used as seed points for an initial Voronoi tessellation to (crudely) approximate the grain morphology. Curvature-driven grain boundary relaxation, simulated by means of the Voronoi implicit interface method, progressively improves the reconstruction accuracy. The similarity between bulk and readily accessible surface reconstruction error provides an objective termination criterion for boundary relaxation.


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