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LaTeX submission on EVISE

When submitting a zipped file containing all LaTeX source files, figures, etc., one needs to make sure that only a single file with “.tex” extension is present.

So far, we did not investigate whether

%!TEX root = <master file name>

in supplementary source files would help EVISE to identify the master document.


working on thermo-mechanical solver in DAMASK (with Tias)

While using the thermo-mechanical solver in DAMASK, we (me and Tias) figured that if we specify some thermal source, we need an initial deltaT for convergence. For example, even if we have a bicrystal and we give zero deltaT then the calculation fails even at the first increment because the 2-PK is zero.

However, if we start even with a minute deltaT (1K or so..) we get convergence. But if we have a single crystal this situation doesn’t arise. This is something to keep in mind, and possible requires delving into.