Custom Filter in ParaView

ParaView already provides a lot of useful filters to internally process data. These filters can be found in the Filter drop-down menu. To string a recurring sequence of such filters into a new monolithic filter, ParaView provide a nice feature called customize filter, which allows the user to bundle one or more filters. To create a customized filter:

  1. Open ParaView and import a data set you are going to work with.
  2. Apply the filters to your dataset as you would normally do.
  3. Hold Ctrl key to select all the relevant filters in the pipeline view. Then right-click on any of them to open the context menu, click Create Customize Filter… to open the customize filter wizard.
  4. For most situations (linear sequential data flow), just continue click next and then click finish. If the data flow is not linear, manage the data flow through the wizard.

Now you have saved the customize filter on the local copy of Paraview. To view/manage customized filters, go to the drop-down menu Tools and click on the Manage Customize Filter… This will open the customize filter manager window where you could export and import customized filters. All the customized filters are written in XML. Hence, if you are familiar with the XML programmable interface of ParaView, you might write the filter outside of ParaView and afterwards import it.

A Few Tips

  • The search function is the best way to find customized filters in the Filter dropdown menu.
  • The customized filter is the easiest way to save the programmable filter for future use or distribution.



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