Time Machine restore

Full restoration on a new computer

  1. Boot into recovery mode (hold Cmd-R during boot up sequence)
  2. Open Terminal
  3. Mount the proper sparsebundle (ask Philip for password of user “backup”)
    mkdir /Volumes/TM
    mount -t afp afp://backup:PWD@cmm.dhcp.egr.msu.edu/TimeMachine /Volumes/TM
    hdid /Volumes/TM/yourSparseBundle
  4. Restore from Backup

User data restoration on multi-user computer

  1. Open Migration Assistant
  2. Select “From Time Machine Backup”
  3. Choose “Other Server” connecting to afp://cmm.dhcp.egr.msu.edu/TimeMachine as user “backup” (ask Philip for password)
  4. Select the sparsebundle that contains your backed up data