HPCC account

  • get a sponsored login at iCER accounts
  • log into the HPCC gateway
    ssh yourMSUnetID@hpcc.msu.edu
  • set up SSH authentication by copying your existing public RSA 2048-bit key to $HOME/.ssh or generate a new key pair
  • copy a proper bash resource file from Philip’s home directory
    for f in .bashrc .alias .environment .modules; do cp $HOME/../philipe/$f $HOME; done
    source $HOME/.bashrc

Obtaining and installing DAMASK

  • make sure you sign up for an account at magit1.mpie.de
  • clone the current DAMASK repository
    git clone ssh://magit1.mpie.de/DAMASK $CMM/DAMASK/$USER
  • configure DAMASK according to the standard setup
  • compile DAMASK
    make clean spectral

2 thoughts on “DAMASK on HPCC

  1. Due to the various machines available at HPCC, it is recommended to compile you DAMASK on a relatively older machine/server. This will ensure that your jobs can run on all servers without running into “illegal instruction error” due to compatibility issue.


  2. For all CMM users on HPCC, the default compiler is set to Intel-16.3 and the stable PETSc is linked to /mnt/research/CMM/opt/petsc/3.6.3–Intel-16.3, which is compiled on node “dev-intel14”.


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