Home Brewing

Install Homebrew according to its installation instructions.

  • Check your system for any brewing problems
    brew doctor
  • Tap into the science repository
    brew tap homebrew/science
  • Install additional packages
    • gcc 7.2.0
    • python 2.7.14
    • imagemagick
    • gwyddion (requires XQuartz)
    • openblas
    • openmpi 3.0.0
    • vtk 8.0.1
    brew install $thePackage
  • Installation of PETSc correctly resolves all but the two below-mentioned package dependencies automatically.
    • parmetis 4.0.3_4
    • superlu_dist 5.1.0_2
    • petsc 3.7.6_3
    brew install --build-from-source $thePackage



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