Home Brewing

  • Install Homebrew according to its installation instructions.
  • Check your system for any brewing problems
    brew doctor
  • Tap into the science repository
    brew tap homebrew/science
  • Install additional packages
    • gcc
    • python
    • imagemagick
    • gwyddion (requires XQuartz)
    • openblas
      brew install $thePackage
  • Installation of VTK is slightly more involved.
    brew edit vtk

    Update this content close to the top of the vtk.rb file:

    url "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28320368/VTK-7.0.0_OSXpatch.tar.gz"
    sha256 "892ff73aa1c8122c9d25d9d0e43c09949f1b88ca2ac3813fdb144ad8a49ad94b"

    Compile the patched VTK source. (Redo after an Xcode update…)

    brew install --build-from-source vtk
    • As of 03/13/2017, the latest version of vtk (v7.1.0) provided by Homebrew can be directly installed with brew install vtk  without further tweak (NOTE: this method does require using homebrew python as your default python interpreter, which can be installed simply by brew install python).
  • Installation of PETSc.
    brew install petsc

    If PETSc 3.7.x is installed, DAMASK needs to be patched.

    patch -p1 < ./installation/patch/petsc3.7
    • As of 03/13/2017, the latest version of FFTW(v3.3.6) will break DAMASK on mac. To avoid this issue, it is recommended to roll back to older (stable) version of FFTW and reinstall PETSC from the source (the latest version of PETSc, v3.7.5, provided by Homebrew is compatible with DAMASK).
      • Modify the fftw.rb brew edit fftw in Homebrew to roll back to FFTW(v3.3.5):
        url "http://fftw.org/fftw-3.3.5.tar.gz"
        version "3.3.5"
        sha256 "8ecfe1b04732ec3f5b7d279fdb8efcad536d555f9d1e8fabd027037d45ea8bcf"
      • Reinstall FFTW with the following options:
        brew install fftw --with-fortran --with-mpi
      • Reinstall PETSC from source:
        brew install --build-from-source petsc
      • Export PETSC_DIR as before.

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