\LaTeX is the recommended type-setting tool to write your papers and reports.

  • get an account on the Engineering Literature Database (maintained by Philip Eisenlohr)
  • download MacTeX and install
  • downgrade latexmk to version 4.22e
    cd $HOME/Library/TeXShop/bin/tslatexmk
    curl >
    unzip -p > latexmk_4.22e
    ln -s latexmk_4.22e latexmk
  • install refbase script
    curl > /usr/local/bin/refbase
    chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/refbase
  • set up the .latexmkrc configuration, replacing yourName and yourPwd with your Engineering Literature Database credentials
    curl \
    | sed 's/USERNAME/yourName/g' \
    | sed 's/PWD/yourPwd/g' \
    > $HOME/.latexmkrc
  • install Mozilla::CA and/or CACertOrg::CA in case you encounter the error
    500 Can't verify SSL peers without knowing which Certificate Authorities to trust

    sudo cpan
    ::> install Mozilla::CA CACertOrg::CA